Are Invisible Braces Right for You?

Are Invisible Braces Right for You?

May 02, 2019

Did you know roughly one-fifth of the population needs orthodontic treatment to correct misalignments and malocclusions? Humans have a rough time when their teeth start to develop. It is common for people to have overbites, underbites, and even trouble holding their teeth together because of the angle of their teeth and the shape of their jaws.

What Are Invisible Braces?

If you have ever been told that you need to see an orthodontist to correct your bite, you might wonder if invisible braces are right for you. Invisible braces are a form of dental appliance designed to straighten and align the teeth over a long period of time.

These braces are typically made of clear plastic aligners, which you can put in place and remove as often as you need. The aligners are molded by your orthodontist, who then sends the information to a dental lab. The lab will create a custom aligner for you and will continue to make news one as your teeth shift and adjust.

Are They Right for You?

Invisible braces are popular among older teenagers and young professionals because they hide the orthodontic work being done. Most people cannot tell when someone is wearing them, and the aligners can be removed for easier cleaning.

They are also more comfortable overall since there is no metal that can cut your mouth. These aligners will click right over the teeth and are easy to brush and disinfect as often as you like.

Unfortunately, not everyone can wear invisible braces.

Invisible braces are designed to use clear plastic aligners meant to fit over an entire row of teeth while applying consistent pressure. Someone who has a moderate to severe misalignment will not be able to fit the aligners in their mouth, and thus cannot wear this type of braces.

How Can You Tell?

When you visit an orthodontist like The Dentists at 650 Heights, they will be able to measure your misalignment and determine whether or not invisible braces will fit properly over your smile. If they won’t, you can still wear traditional metal braces until your teeth have adjusted enough to accept an invisible alternative.

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