Everything You Need to Know About LANAP

Everything You Need to Know About LANAP

Feb 01, 2022

It’s understandable if you are worried at first when diagnosed with advanced periodontitis. Gum disease can cause many foul symptoms that make you feel self-conscious and worry about your future. This is not only in your smile but also in other health issues.

Luckily, the Laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) offers a quick way to fix and cure advanced gum disease.

With this treatment, you can visit the LANAP periodontist in Houston and quickly resume your normal life routines with virtually no interruption on your daily schedule. However, before agreeing to the procedure, it’s crucial to understand the gum disease and its progression fully and if this is your best treatment option.

What is LANAP Surgery?

LANAP is an FDA-approved laser treatment for periodontal disease. Some practices call it laser gum contouring or laser gum removal.

Gingivitis refers to the swelling and redness of the gum tissues holding your teeth. It can happen for various reasons but mostly occurs in people who often do not floss their teeth. As a result, plaque collects and builds up to form tartar which increases bacterial load and inflames the gums.

On the other hand, periodontal disease is the progression of gum infection. It attacks the soft gum tissues, and if left untreated, it destroys the bones that hold the tooth in place.

Both conditions affect the dental tissues, even causing tooth loss. Still, they are largely avoidable, and it’s possible to regenerate periodontal disease effects.

Advanced Gum Disease

Advanced periodontitis is a popular oral condition that most people do not notice until it’s in advanced stages. If neglected, the disease causes severe gum inflammation, irreversible bone loss, and tooth loss.

Its treatment options depend on the type and lethality of the disease, with LANAP gum surgery being an effective option. Your periodontist may also recommend traditional gum surgery. However, it’s essential to speak with the LANAP periodontist near you to determine the best option.

LANAP for Gum Disease

Traditional gum surgery is long outdone. With LANAP, the dentist in Houston, TX, uses a laser to target and remove diseases gum tissue. You don’t have to worry about scalpels that painfully remove the affected gum tissue. LANAP offers a less invasive procedure with quick recovery times.

During the procedure, the LANAP periodontist in Houston will:

  • Investigate your gums to determine the treatment level required for each tooth
  • Use a laser to explode the bad disease-causing bacteria
  • Use special ultrasonic scalers including other dental instruments to eradicate the disease-causing tartar
  • Use a laser again to reconnect the gum tissue to the root
  • Grind down part of the tooth to prevent additional tartar formation (occlusal adjustment)

Depending on the severity of the disease, the procedure takes roughly an hour so that you will be in and out of the dental office on the same day. Some severe cases may need two visits.

Afterward, you can go about your normal routines with minimal pain. You don’t need to wear any sutures, and there is no extended discomfort. Recovery time is roughly 24 hours, much quicker than traditional surgery by about 2 – 4 weeks.

Aftercare for LANAP

Your periodontist provides follow-up aftercare after the completion of the procedure. This involves:

  • Taking prescribed pain medicine if needed
  • Void flossing for a month
  • Do not brush your teeth for one week
  • You may be subject to a liquid diet for several days
  • Chew food carefully not to hurt the healing gums

LANAP vs. Deep Cleaning

LANAP is largely recommended for people with moderate to severe periodontitis and who have lost part of the gums and bone tissue to the disease. It purposes to disinfect the pocket and regenerate the gum tissue.

However, there are other non-surgical methods like Scaling and Root Planing (SRP). This procedure is recommended for patients in the early stages of gum disease. It aims to clean your teeth above and below the gums removing hard tartar and soft bacteria-loaded plaque that cause gingivitis.

Although LANAP is a high-tech procedure for periodontitis treatment, not all patients’ disease level needs surgical treatment. For example, SRP can quickly restore you to a healthy mouth if you have early gum disease. However, with bone tissue loss, LANAP is your best choice.

Other differences are in the costs, where SRP costs less and is covered by insurance, unlike LANAP. SRP is also non-surgical and doesn’t need any downtime, unlike LANAP, where you must have 2 -3 days of moderate discomfort.

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