Here’s Why You Need Professional Dental Exams and Cleanings

Here’s Why You Need Professional Dental Exams and Cleanings

Nov 01, 2021

Dental exams and cleanings are procedures performed by a dentist near you to ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy and remain healthy. They are scheduled after every six months or sooner if you have certain conditions.

These routine procedures are recommended for both adults and children older than one year of age. Intercepting dental health issues when they are initially visible saves the well-being of your teeth and your pocket.

Although you may brush and floss at home as necessary, these procedures are essential. In addition, dental exams and cleanings near you are beneficial to your dental health and the well-being of your entire body.

Dental Exams

A dental exam by the dentist in Houston, TX, involves taking a thorough look at all the areas of your mouth. The surfaces of your teeth will be checked for signs of decay and damage, while the gums will be checked for swelling, redness, or recession.

Your face and neck will be checked for signs of swelling as it may indicate oral cancer. Moreover, if you have any dental restorations, they will be checked to ensure that they are functioning as required.

Dental x-rays may be taken to help check for issues not visible to the eyes. The dentist will also discuss your oral health care with you and ask questions about your general health.

Types of Dental Exams

  1. Comprehensive Exams

These exams are carried out at your initial dental checkup and are repeated after 3-5 years or when the need arises. They are important in establishing a baseline reading of the whole mouth so that changes in dental health become easy to notice. Comprehensive exams by the dentist Houston, TX, include:

  • Full mouth x-ray series
  • Temporomandibular joint exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Evaluation of gum disease
  • A thorough assessment of each tooth
  • Review of underlying health problems
  1. Periodic Dental Exams

They are done during regular hygiene appointments. Periodic dental exams give your dentist a chance to check for issues that may have developed in the mouth since the previous dental exam. These exams help the dentist monitor and intercept changes in your oral health. You can discuss concerns you may have noticed in between routine appointments.

  1. Follow-up Dental Exam

It is an exam done after a major dental procedure to monitor your progress. A Follow-up dental exam addresses any possible complications and ensures that you are healing.

  1. Limited Oral Exam

Limited dental exams are evaluations for specific teeth-related problems. The dentist near me only focuses on a particular problem on a tooth. For instance, if you have dental trauma, a single x-ray of that specific area will be taken, and a thorough evaluation done only on that area.

Professional Dental Cleanings

After the dental exam is completed, the dentist 77007 will prepare you and begin the dental cleaning process. This procedure consists of the following steps:

    a) Scaling

This is the first step of the procedure and involves removing plaque, tartar, and debris from the gum line and between the teeth. At Houston Heights Dentistry, an automatic ultrasonic scaler or a thin hand scaler is used during this procedure.

    b) Polishing

An automatic handheld device is used to apply gritty polishing paste individually to each tooth. This device utilizes a rotating head to buff the teeth and makes them shiny.

    c) Flossing

An expert flossing at the dentist involves getting deep between the teeth to locate areas where there might be trouble.

    d) Fluoride Treatment

You will rinse your mouth with liquid fluoride to remove any debris then fluoride varnish will be applied to your teeth to help fight against cavities.

Benefits of Dental Exams and Cleanings

  1. They keep our teeth white by reducing staining or discoloring caused by foods and drinks we consume.

  2. Prevent the buildup of tartar deposits that can cause teeth decay, tooth loss, bone loss, bad breath, and gum disease when left unattended.

  3. When bacteria are cleaned off your teeth and gums, periodontal diseases are prevented.

  4. They ensure that your teeth remain in the best condition possible and preserve your natural teeth for a longer time.

  5. These procedures save you money since they prevent simple dental issues from worsening as they require more costly, extensive procedures.

  6. Dental exams and cleanings in Houston, TX, allow the dentist to check your general health. It is done by monitoring your mouth for early signs of medical conditions such as lung problems or diabetes.

The Dentists at 650 Heights stop oral health problems before they start using state-of-the-art types of equipment and the latest dental techniques. Make an appointment for your dental exams and cleanings.

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