Laser dentistry: What is Crown Lengthening?

Laser dentistry: What is Crown Lengthening?

Feb 01, 2023

Have you been told that you have a gummy smile? This is where excess gum tissue protrudes above the gum line, affecting your smile. Although a gummy smile does not have many oral complications, some people do not find it attractive. This is because the excess gum tissue covers your clinical crown leading to the gummy smile. Nevertheless, there is a crown lengthening procedure that can fix this condition. Keep on reading to find out more about this laser dentistry procedure.

What Is Laser Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening entails the removal of excess gum tissue to expose more tooth structure covered underneath. Then, there is the traditional method of removing the excess gum tissue and laser surgery. The difference between laser crown lengthening and the traditional method is that the latter is invasive and more painful. So, you can look for a dentist who performs laser dentistry near you if you don’t have excessive fancy bleeding and longer healing time.

Who Is the Most Suitable Candidate For Laser Crown Lengthening

The truth is anyone is suitable for laser crown lengthening. Nonetheless, your teeth need to be in good condition for the procedure’s success. On top of that, your teeth should be free from any oral problem like gingivitis as the dentist will first need to treat the disease before proceeding with the treatment.

Besides, it is essential to consult the dentist near me to know what happens during the procedure.

So, what happens during laser crown lengthening?

What To Expect During Laser Crown Lengthening

When you go to laser dentistry in Houston, the dentist will create a customized treatment plan for you. The dentist will perform professional teeth cleaning before the treatment. Once your teeth are clean, the procedure begins.

Local anesthesia is administered. This helps minimize any discomfort during the treatment. Next, a strong beam of light is used to remove and sculpt the excess gum tissue. The good thing with the beam of light is that it can help the dentist remove excess gum tissue in a specific area with precision for desired results.

Next, the dentist sterilizes the laser machine to cut the excess gum tissue. The laser machine cuts the excess gum tissue through a technique called cauterization. The laser light can be emitted intermittently as a pulse giving the dentist better control of the machine for precision cutting. The advantage of this procedure is less bleeding than the traditional procedure.

Once the procedure is complete, the dentist sterilizes your mouth to prevent bacterial infection. So, how long does recovery take? Traditional laser crown lengthening takes several months for the wound to heal. On the other hand, laser crown lengthening takes a couple of weeks for your wound to heal fully. You will experience slight pain and swelling during the healing period, but this should clear in a couple of days. You should consult the dentist near you about the most suitable over-the-counter painkillers to use during the healing period. Moreover, you can apply a cold compress on the swollen area to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

In addition, you should maintain proper oral hygiene during the healing period. Nevertheless, be careful of the wound and use little pressure when brushing your teeth. Additionally, avoid spicy, crunchy, and hard foods as they can damage your soft gums and teeth and irritate the wound.

What Is the Purpose of Laser Crown Lengthening

For Cosmetic Purposes

Do you look in the mirror and notice that your gums cover some of your teeth? This means that you have a gummy smile treatment in Houston, TX. Unfortunately, this condition can affect some of your teeth or all of them. The good news is that laser crown lengthening can be performed to remove the excess gum tissue to ensure you have a perfect smile.

For Functional Reasons

Excess gum tissue can affect your oral health. For instance, food debris can accumulate in the excess gum tissue area, and it can be challenging to remove it through brushing and flossing. So, failure to visit laser dentistry in Houston can lead to other dental problems. Such problems include decay, gum disease, and inflammation. Therefore, you should head to The Dentists at 650 Heights, who will perform laser crown lengthening to prevent these dental problems.

Advantages Of Laser Crown Lengthening

  • There is less bleeding and pain.
  • Short healing period than the traditional treatment.
  • It takes less time to perform.
  • It can be performed without anesthesia.

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