Scaling and Root Planing for A Gummy Smile

Scaling and Root Planing for A Gummy Smile

Dec 12, 2022

What Is Scaling and Root Planning?

They are dental protocols in periodontal dentistry that cater to gum health. Scaling and root planning are also called deep cleaning. They entail a more comprehensive tooth cleaning procedure than the standard dental cleanings in preventive dentistry.

Scaling entails removing plaque and tartar by scrapping them off your teeth’ surfaces. The cleaning process targets your teeth above and below the gum line.

Root planing is a different procedure for smoothing tooth roots around the gum line. The smoothing ensures that the tooth surface is ideal for the gums to reattach properly.

When Are Scaling and Root Planing Performed?

Periodontists in Houston, TX, perform scaling and root planing procedures for patients with gum complications. In many cases, you need these treatments if you have periodontal disease. It features an infection of the gum tissue that causes gums to swell and recede. As gums pull away from teeth, they expose the tooth roots to bacterial infections.

Still, only some patients with periodontal diseases need scaling and root planing. Sometimes your infection is too advanced that the periodontists in Houston, TX, need to take other measures like tooth extraction.

What Is A Gummy Smile?

It is a smile where too much gum tissue shows when you smile. Usually, a proportional amount of gums and teeth should be displayed when you smile. Various factors can result in a gummy smile, including:

  1. Abnormal tooth eruption
  2. Jaw development problems
  3. Underlying periodontal infection
  4. Improper bite
  5. Muscular issues or a hyperactive upper lip

Can Scaling and Root Planing Treat a Gummy Smile?

Sometimes a gummy smile is connected to an underlying periodontal infection. Infected gums often swell when bacteria accumulates below the gum line. Therefore, in such a case, the best gummy smile treatment near you would be scaling and root planing.
These processes will eliminate any plaque, tartar, and bacterial buildup underneath your gums that may be causing swelling. When your teeth are clean, it allows the gums to reattach to your teeth. In this case, scaling and root planing level the tooth roots and rid the gums of infection to overcome swelling and promote good gum health.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

Some of the reasons you should consider scaling and root planing are:

  1. They help prevent premature tooth loss – if the bacteria continue to hide under the gums, they weaken tooth enamel and eventually result in tooth loss.
  2. For gum health – as periodontal disease advances, it damages the gum tissue. Eventually, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth. Unfortunately, gums do not grow back after they get damaged. Your only solution would be to undergo a gum grafting procedure to replace the damaged portion of the gums.
  3. Boosting oral hygiene – deep cleaning helps clean your teeth in places you cannot access through regular teeth brushing and flossing.
  4. Improving your breath – plaque buildup eventually results in persistent bad breath. Scaling and root planing are many ways you can resolve bad breath.

Other Treatments for A Gummy Smile

Gummy smile treatments in Houston, TX, are not limited to scaling and root planing. At The Dentists at 650 Heights, we evaluate your oral cavity thoroughly to determine the underlying cause of your gummy smile. Scaling and root planing will not be the ideal treatments for your gummy smile if you do not have an underlying periodontal infection. In such cases, we recommend other treatment options, including:

  1. Gum reduction surgery – is a surgical procedure that reduces the amount of gum tissue that shows when you smile. It is a cosmetic procedure for improving your smile’s appearance if you have a gummy smile. Gum reduction surgery can look like two main procedures; either gingivectomy or laser gum contouring.
  2. Orthodontic braces – sometimes, you have a gummy smile because of a bad bite or minor jaw problems. If you wear braces for a few months, it will improve your smile by correcting the bite and jaw problems.
  3. Dental crowns or veneers teeth – are oral appliances that can adjust your teeth’ sizes to overcome a gummy smile. Sometimes, you have a gummy smile because you have unusually short teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, lengthening your teeth with dental crowns or veneers can improve a gummy smile.

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