All-on-4®/Same Day Teeth in Houston, TX

All-on-4®/Same Day Teeth in Houston, TX

The All-on-4® system allows dentists to have a patient enter the office with a completely lost arch of teeth and leave with a set of shiny teeth in just a couple of hours. If you’re seeking options for replacing your lost teeth in just a day with implants, then the All-on-4/Teeth in a Day in Houston is your perfect bet. Talk to a dentist experienced in placing All-on-4 in Houston, and you will soon enjoy your new set of prosthetics.

What are All-on-4 Implants?

If you are wondering what All-on-4 is, it is a system of tooth replacement prosthetics comprising a combination of dental implant technology and full arch dentures functioning together to give the most realistic yet natural-feeling replacement teeth. These new teeth have the most solid foundation and secure fit compared to other teeth replacement options.

How Does It Work?

These one-day dental implants near you utilize four dental implants screwed into every jaw – top and bottom jaw. The four implants form the foundation for attaching one-piece teeth arch. Patients who receive All-on-4 in Houston end up with their entire teeth on every jaw anchored on four firmly secured dental implants.

How Long Can a Dentist Complete All-on-4 Procedure?

Although it may appear to be an intricate surgery, the truth is that you can have All-on-4 dental implants in Houston done in just one day if you have no existing oral health problems. A dentist inserts the four implants into the upper jaw and the other four into the lower jaw. It is a straightforward surgery, but it requires the right expertise.

After the implants are inserted, the dentist allows a healing process to run its course. You get temporary teeth as the implants heal. After that, you have a short visit where the final permanent replacement teeth are attached. You have all the teeth fitted in that one visit.

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