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Enjoy the Benefit of a Smile Makeover from The Dentists at 650 Heights

If you’ve noticed that you’re smiling with less confidence these days, it might be time to let The Dentists at 650 Heights help you regain the self-assurance that you deserve. The specialty area of cosmetic dentistry in Houston, Texas, does not always mean undergoing complicated and expensive cosmetic treatments. Our dentist in Houston, Texas, can provide several same-day treatments to help you regain the confidence that you’ve been lacking – and give you the updated look you deserve.

Consider These Gentle Procedures

One of the most common procedures for cosmetic dentistry near you is professional teeth whitening in Houston, Texas. Although there are many over-the-counter products available for purchase, there is nothing that works as quickly and efficiently as a professional whitening treatment from The Dentists at 650 Heights. If you have an important event coming up in the next few weeks and don’t have time to wait for a dazzling smile, we invite you to make an appointment with our dentist near you today at The Dentists at 650 Heights for quick, one-appointment results. We receive patients from Shady Acres, Houston Heights, Greater Heights, and North Heights among other surrounding locations.

Another area of cosmetic dentistry in Houston, Texas, that patients appreciate for its instant results is dental veneers. Used to correct cosmetic concerns such as spacing and discoloration, dental veneers are one of the most popular procedures for patients seeking a longer-term solution to their smile imperfections.

Consider Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, Texas as a Makeover for Your Self-Esteem

It’s pretty common for people to spend a good amount of time and money, improving their home interiors, as evidenced by the massive popularity of design shows on television. But did you know that keeping your smile updated is equally important – and not only from an aesthetic perspective. Just as a renovation of a home’s interior may involve minor construction updates, an update in your smile may involve more than just whitening your teeth.

Customized Treatment for Every Smile and Every Budget

We know that every smile is unique. When you visit The Dentists at 650 Heights for cosmetic dentistry in Houston, we will listen to you to understand your specific goals and budget before we suggest a treatment plan. Call us today to learn more.

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