Dental bridges in Houston, TX

Dental Bridges in Houston, TX

Looking for a Quick and Easy Tooth Replacement?

A few tooth replacement procedures a dentist in Houston, Texas, can provide, including a dental implant, partial dentures, or dental bridges. The following information should be helpful if you’re wondering what the benefit of a dental bridge near you is over the other treatment options. If you still have questions afterward, please feel free to contact our dental care team for even more information about dental bridges.

How We Can Help You Achieve a Perfect Smile

No one wants to smile at the world and project an image of their vitality and health that includes missing teeth. Instead of letting gaps in your smile bring down your self-confidence, you can choose a quick tooth replacement option known as a dental bridge from our dentist in Houston, Texas. Unlike a dental implant procedure that can take upwards of several months to complete, your dental bridge can be completed in two appointments. Visit our dental office if you are in any of the following locations – Shady Acres, Houston Heights, North Heights, or Greater Heights.

Health Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

Apart from the self-confidence that comes from having a complete smile, did you know there’s another health-related reason to replace a missing tooth? When a tooth is left unaccounted for, your surrounding teeth will naturally shift out of place without their nature-designed placeholder. When this happens, it creates additional space for food and bacteria to become trapped, which means you run an increased risk of future dental problems with your healthy teeth. That means the possibility of future tooth loss and more expensive dental work than if you take care of your missing tooth now.

What The Dentists at 650 Heights Can Do Today to Preserve Your Smile for Tomorrow

Our Houston, Texas dentist will provide a treatment plan that works best for your timeline and financial concerns to ensure that future tooth loss is kept to a minimum. Your smile is restored in the most cost-effective matter possible. Whether you choose to get dental bridges in Houston, TX, or want to learn more about other tooth replacement in Houston, Texas, we invite you to call The Dentists at 650 Heights to get the information you need to make the right choice!

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