Emergency dentists in Houston, TX

Emergency Dentists in Houston, TX

Sometimes a dental appointment cannot wait until Monday, especially if you have active children. During a soccer game, Little League baseball game or while skateboarding, your child can fall or get hit in the face, causing trauma to a tooth. To handle after-hours dental emergencies, look for a family dentist with emergency dentistry in Houston.

What Services are Available in an Emergency?

Although you may see your regular dentists in an emergency, they may not provide the same services at emergency appointments. Most emergency dentists will provide relief for pain or swelling and treat facial traumas that involve the teeth.

For instance, if your son or daughter falls off their bicycle and cracks a tooth, our emergency dentists at The Dentists at 650 Heights will treat the tooth until you can visit your regular dentist 77007. After examining the tooth and taking x-rays, the dentist may recommend pain relievers and prescribe antibiotics to ward off infection until your regular family dentist can fully treat the tooth in Houston, Texas.

Treatments that May Not be Available

Not all treatments are available from an emergency dentist houston heights. Some of the work our dentists may not do during their emergency hours are:

  • Filling in cavities
  • Handle complicated extractions
  • Repair dentures
  • Re-cement bridges, veneers, crowns, or other dental appliances

An emergency dentist near me helps you get by until your family dentist is open during normal business hours. Even if one of our dentists at The Dentists at 650 Heights in Houston, Texas, is your regular periodontics near me, during their emergency hours, they may only temporarily fix your tooth. It depends on what services emergency dentists provide and your dental insurance covers.

Going to the Hospital After Injury

If the injury to the mouth is severe, such as breaking a jaw or having an open wound near your mouth, then the tooth’s condition may be secondary. It would be best if you visited a hospital to have the break or wound treated first, then get in contact with our emergency dentists in Houston, TX, at The Dentists at 650 Heights, or visit your regular dentist who examines your teeth.

There is only so much a hospital can do for your teeth, and you shouldn’t wait to have breaks or cuts and scapes treated. Getting the care you need will help heal your entire body, including your teeth. Patients residing around Greater Heights, North Heights, Shady Acres, and Houston Heights dentistry can get teeth whitening in Houston, TX, at our dental office.

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