General dentistry in Houston, TX

General Dentistry in Houston, TX

Dentistry is a significant field for maintaining overall health and wellness. While physicians focus on the entire body, the role of the dentist is to keep the mouth and its surrounding elements healthy, including the teeth, gums, soft tissues, and even jawbone. To this end, almost all general dentistry is also preventive, meaning the goal is to keep the mouth healthy and prevent further complications from developing.

While there are a variety of dental specialties available like orthodontists, endodontists, and periodontics near me, the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests 80 percent of all dentists in the United States are classified as general.

Here at The Dentists at 650 Heights in Houston, TX, we offer specialties but ensure every patient also receives some of the best general dental treatments available.

What Counts as General Dentistry?

The term “general dentistry” often confuses patients. General dentistry in Houston, TX, can be considered preventive and consists of basic procedures like exams, cleanings, oral cancer screenings, the insertion of fillings, the application of crowns, and the basic treatment of gum disease.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Most people who visit The Dentists at 650 Heights will request a regular dental cleaning and exam. During these appointments, our dentist Houston, TX, will inspect and thoroughly clean your teeth to eliminate plaque buildup and to check for cavities, sores on the gums, periodontal disease, and other common ailments. The oral cancer screening is often included and is when the mouth is checked for signs of precancerous or cancerous symptoms.

Dental Fillings

When someone allows plaque to build upon their teeth, it eats through the hard external enamel that protects the interior soft pulp. The result is a cavity or a permanent hole in the enamel that leaves the pulp under constant threat from bacteria. As a solution, a general dentist will fill the cavity with composite resin to protect it.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a protective cap applied to a tooth after a root canal, fracture, or other events that damaged the enamel. The crown is made of composite resin and protects the important interior soft pulp from future harm.

Gum Disease

Over 50 percent of the United States’ population suffers from gum disease or a buildup of plaque and bacteria that irritates and weakens the gums. A general dentist will recognize the signs and clean out the bacteria to prevent future health problems like permanent tooth loss.

To get oral cancer screening in Houston, TX, visit our dentist near you. Since we established our facility, we have served patients from Shady Acres, Houston Heights, Greater Heights, and North Heights among other locations.

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