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Laser Dentistry in Houston, TX

The Dentists at 650 Heights is proud to utilize the latest in dental technology to provide our patients with the highest quality dental care possible. One type of technology that we offer is laser dentistry in Houston, which can be helpful for a variety of dental procedures. You may be able to benefit from this technology at our dentistry near you in Houston, TX.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser (light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation) technology consists of focusing light energy into a narrow beam. In dentistry, lasers have been used to treat a number of conditions for the past few decades. It is primarily used in procedures involving gum tissue.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The biggest advantage of using lasers in dentistry is a more comfortable treatment for patients undergoing procedures involving either hard or soft tissues. It results in less bleeding and usually does not require the use of anesthesia or the application of sutures. Because the laser sterilizes the area, there is a lowered risk of bacterial infection. Finally, laser dentistry at our dentist in Houston, TX, allows wounds to heal faster and can even promote tissue regeneration.

How is Laser Dentistry Used?

Lasers can be used to remove or reshape the tissues in the mouth. It can be used to treat hypersensitivity, tooth decay, and gum disease. It can also be used for whitening and cleaning the teeth. The two main types of procedures in laser dentistry are hard and soft tissue procedures, including:

  •  Tooth preparations and dental fillings: Using a laser instead of a dental drill to remove decay and prepare the tooth for a filling often eliminates the need for anesthesia.
  •  Treating tooth sensitivity: Lasers are used to seal tubules on the tooth’s root, reducing sensitivity to hot and cold.
  •  Treating a “gummy” smile: In patients with excess gum tissue, lasers can be used to reshape the tissue to create a more attractive smile.
  •  Crown lengthening: Similar to treating a gummy smile because it also involves reshaping gum tissue, this procedure also reshapes the bone for healthier tooth structure.
  •  Removing benign tumors: This is a less common procedure, but lasers can also be used to remove tumors from various areas in the mouth.

If you require a procedure on your hard or soft tissues, and you are in either one of the following locations: North Heights, Shady Acres, Greater Heights, or Houston Heights dentistry, visit The Dentists at 650 Heights for quality LANAP laser dentistry near you.

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