Types of Dental Crowns: How to Choose the Right One

Types of Dental Crowns: How to Choose the Right One

Mar 01, 2023

Do you and your dentist feel a severely damaged, weakened, decayed, or discolored tooth is better protected or hidden by a dental crown? There are various things to consider before getting a suitable restoration for your tooth. Different materials like metals, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and ceramics help make dental crowns resembling tooth caps to encase your affected tooth. All crowns serve similar purposes but vary in appearance, cost, and strength.

When choosing dental crowns near you, your choice of material will depend on your desired outcome. The restoration providers will undoubtedly help you decide by mentioning the details provided earlier. However, it would help if you also considered the reasons for choosing a dental restoration to cover your tooth’s improvement to aesthetics or mouth functionality.

Factors to Consider When Getting Dental Crowns

  • Consider the Reasons to Get a Dental Crown: If you need the restoration for aesthetic purposes, consider whether porcelain veneers or dental bonding suit your needs because the procedures are minimally invasive. Besides being expensive dental crowns are not reversible. Therefore before proceeding to ensure more straightforward solutions aren’t available. Dental crowns can efficiently hold a broken tooth, strengthen a restored tooth without sufficient tooth structure, or hold dental implants or bridges. In addition, dental crowns serve to extend the longevity of the tooth.
  • Compare Prices: if you possess dental insurance, it helps to understand every insurance plan is different. You must understand what your dental insurance plan covers, especially if you seek a dental crown for cosmetic reasons. Insurance companies will not cover cosmetic dental improvements, and the lack of knowledge may set you back by a considerable sum. In addition, insurance companies have additional parameters on the cost of the material and other dental crown types. They may require you to consider all resin crowns that serve aesthetic needs but tend to wear down faster or fracture to need replacements.
  • Consider Metals: If costs are a concern, consider getting stainless steel or gold crowns incredibly durable and not likely to chip and crack, unlike other dental crowns. In addition, metal crowns will not wear down the teeth in the opposing jaw. You might not like the color of metal crowns, but it helps to remember that restorations are excellent for the back teeth where they remain hidden in your mouth. In addition, metal crowns can withstand the extreme forces of biting and chewing and remain a practical choice for out-of-sight molars.
  • Aesthetic Appearance: Just because you are getting a tooth restored doesn’t mean you must overlook your aesthetic appearance. You can consider all porcelain or all ceramic crowns if you need your front teeth fixed. Although these options are more expensive than metal crowns, you have alternatives available in the form of porcelain fused to metal crowns that are excellent for your front teeth resembling your remaining teeth because a porcelain cap covers a metal ring for placement over your damaged tooth. The metal reinforces the tooth’s strength to function as the perfect option as a protective shield over your tooth. However, if you are paying for the dental crown out of pocket, you will find that all-porcelain crowns have the most natural appearance and are an excellent choice when seeking dental crowns in Houston.
  • Your Mouth-Related Habits: Do you grind and clench your teeth because you are affected by bruxism? Considering a dental crown, it helps if you find a remedy for the problem by talking to general dentists in Houston, TX, for a solution. Dentists can identify your problem during routine dental exams and cleanings to suggest a custom-created night guard to protect your teeth from damage and the dental crown you intend to get to ensure the restoration lasts as long as possible without needing frequent replacements.

When considering dental crowns to restore damage to your teeth, you must consider various options to select the suitable material for your dental restoration. Dental crowns are not the most affordable therapeutic solutions and require multiple appointments with Houston providers before you can restore the strength of your tooth and its functionality. Therefore you must choose carefully after due consideration when having your damaged or discolored tooth fixed.

If you are considering different materials for your dental restoration, The Dentists at 650 Heights can provide you with different versions of crowns as restorations. Consult them today to start restoring your tooth with a durable dental crown in approximately three weeks.

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