What is Cosmetic Dentistry and Its Benefits

What is Cosmetic Dentistry and Its Benefits

Sep 01, 2021

Teeth discoloration, misaligned, cracked, chipped, or uneven teeth are a confidence buster. But, more than that, problems like missing or misaligned teeth can affect your dental structure. Fixing these imperfections can improve your appearance and smile, and cosmetic dentistry can help with that.

Cosmetic dentistry includes treatments and procedures that correct misalignment, repair cracked, chipped, and discolored teeth. These procedures are designed to improve the appearance of the teeth and preserve dental integrity.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Include?

Several dental treatments can improve the appearance of your teeth. These procedures are not suitable for everyone, and it is crucial to consult a dentist before getting cosmetic dentistry near you. The treatments include:

1. Teeth whitening

The discoloration is unavoidable because of factors like age. As we get older, the enamel will wear out and expose the dentin, which is brown or yellow.

Other factors like smoking, staining foods, and fluoride overdose fluoride can cause the teeth to discolor.

While you cannot do anything about the age-related discoloration, you can get rid of the external stains. Teeth whitening can get rid of the stains and brighten up your smile.

You can whiten your teeth using at-home kits and products or professional treatment. Cosmetic whitening products like toothpaste, gels, and pens can remove mild stains, but they are not recommended. This is because the products can affect the gums and teeth causing nerve bruising.

It is advisable to get professional teeth whitening at the dental office. Your dentist near you will take the necessary steps to protect the gums from bruising.

2. Dental veneers and crowns

Both teeth veneers and crowns correct almost similar problems like cracks, chips, discoloration, uneven, misaligned, and irregularly shaped teeth. However, the crowns are recommended for severe problems and are also used to cover bridges, fillings, and implants.

The veneers and crowns also differ when it comes to thickness. Crowns are a bit thicker, and they encase the entire tooth. The veneers, on the other hand, are used to cover the front part of the teeth.

The procedure of getting the veneers and crowns is similar as you need at least two dental visits. Also, the teeth need to be trimmed out a little bit to make room for the restorations.

3. Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a non-invasive and painless procedure. Local anesthesia is rarely used unless the damage is close to the nerves or you have decay. Bonding is used to correct tiny cracks, chips, and discoloration. The dentist Houston, TX will apply the bonding material to the teeth and harden them with laser light.

4. Implant and bridges

Implant and bridges are often referred to as restorative treatments because they restore your missing teeth. But, they are also part of cosmetic dentistry in Houston, TX. Bridges and implants replace lost permanent teeth, but this differs in treatment procedure and effectiveness.

Dental bridges are false teeth that use either crowns or a framework for support. They are durable but can last for about a decade, and then you will need to have them replaced. The one downside with bridges is that they do not stop bone loss; they only slow the progression.

Implants are titanium posts that are surgically fixed on the jaw to anchor the false teeth. They offer better support and can last for a lifetime. However, for the dentist to fix the implants, you need to have sufficient bone support. Otherwise, you will have to undergo other surgical procedures to promote new bone growth or choose a different treatment. Visit Houston Heights Dentistry for an assessment to check if you are eligible for dental implants.

5. Enamel reshaping

Enamel reshaping is done to smoothen the teeth and correct the size. The dentist 77007 will remove small amounts of enamel to create a smoother look. It is a painless procedure, and often anesthesia is not used. Dental bonding is the other way of reshaping your enamel.

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